What can I do to help settle my child?

Children usually settle in very quickly at OSCAR. Being tucked in the school makes the OSCAR den a familiar place and often already filled with familiar faces. We encourage setting up a meeting with your child(ren) prior to their start date, as a way to introduce them to the space and to the OSCAR supervisors. We can't stress enough the importance of letting us know anything that could impact on your child's wellbeing at OSCAR. Any information that could help us make your child's time at OSCAR enjoyable is of real value to us.


How does my child get to OSCAR from class?

On the first couple of weeks, their teacher can accompany them directly to the den. Alternatively, we are happy to pick up children from their class until they feel settled.

What happens at OSCAR?

Upon arrival children are greeted by a supervisor who helps new entrants with their bags etc. This is followed by afternoon tea, in which children are marked off the roll. We will follow up any absentees which haven't been notified to us. Then we have a wide range of activities available, which children are encouraged to participate in (e.g. craft, baking, dodgeball, busted, soccer, reading, fort making, board games, costumes etc). Activities are divided between the OSCAR den, the playground, the turf, the hall and the library. Note that regular headcounts are undertaken during the duration of the session.

How do i sign my child out?

You will need to request access to the tablet and sign out your child(ren) via the AimyPlus app. Only persons specified on the enrolment form can pick up your child. It is important to advise us of any changes.

Do I need to provide food?

Not for after school care, as we provide afternoon tea consisting of biscuits and crackers, fruit, juice and water on arrival. At 3:15pm children are supervised making toast, with a variety of spreads.

However, you are required to provide lunch and morning tea for the holiday programme as you would for a school day.

How do I set up my automatic payment?

A fee schedule will be sent to you by the financial administrator at the beginning of each year. If you have any question in regard to payments, refer to the Payment Information file or get in touch with the financial administrator directly at

Do I need to have a set time to pick up my child?

No but all children MUST be picked up by 5:45pm. Please note, late fees apply after this time.

How much notice do i need to give if my child isn't attending?

After school absences must be notified by text (027 610 0563) no later than 2.30pm on the day of the absence. Holiday programme absences must be notified no later than 9am on the day of the absence. Please, do not email absences.

Where do I find the lost property?

The OSCAR lost property is located in the den, near the entrance. Feel free to ask a staff if you're looking for something in particular. We strongly encourage to name all pieces of clothing as unidentified items will all be dropped in the school lost properties.

Can my child bring toys to OSCAR?

Your child is allowed to bring toys at OSCAR at their own risk. OSCAR won't be responsible for any loss or damages. Note that trading and gun play isn't allowed. 


What is the rule around electronic devices?

We do not encourage children to bring personal devices to OSCAR, and if they choose to do so, it is at their own risk. If a child is found using a personal device without permission, or using it to view inappropriate content, it will be confiscated. Use of personal devices is limited to 30 minutes per day. Only year fives and up are allowed to play and watch. Please consult our Policies and Procedures for more information.

Note that the OSCAR den uses tablets and TV sporadically to watch movies or play games involving dancing, singing, quizzes or sports.

What does OSCAR stands for?

Out of School Care And Recreation :)