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What can I do to help settle my child?

Tamariki usually settle in very quickly at OSCAR. Being tucked in the kura makes the OSCAR den a familiar place and often already filled with familiar faces. We encourage setting up a meeting with your child(ren) prior to their start date, as a way to introduce them to the space and to the OSCAR supervisors. We can't stress enough the importance of letting us know anything that could impact on your child's wellbeing at OSCAR. Any information that could help us make your child's time at OSCAR enjoyable is of real value to us. You can request for their teacher to accompany them to the den on their first week. Alternatively, we are happy to pick up tamariki from their class until they feel settled.

What happens at OSCAR after school?

Upon arrival tamariki are greeted by a supervisor who ticks them off the roll as they come in. This is followed by afternoon tea, consisting of water, fruit, biscuits, crackers, and the famous OSCAR toast. We then follow up on any absentees which we haven't been notified of. After this, we have a wide range of activities available, which tamariki are encouraged to participate in (e.g. craft, baking, dodgeball, rock monster, soccer, reading, fort making, board games, costumes, etc). Activities are divided between the OSCAR den, the playgrounds, the turf, and the hall. Please note that regular headcounts are undertaken during the duration of the session.

What happens on Holiday Programme?

A main theme is planned for each day with activities graded to
suit 5 to 12 year olds. On any given day, physical activities will be taking place outside or in the hall depending on the weather. The activities are diverse and can include scavenger hunts, races, obstacle courses, carnival activities, craft, parties, competitions, etc. A couple of times a week we go on trips (e.g. pool, cinema, musuem, mission inflatable, bowling, beach, playground hop, etc). We encourage tamariki to work in teams but also provide them with other options if they need a break from collective activities. We are aware of how stimulating and long these days can be (especially for little ones) so we ensure down time and free play is available too.

Do I need to have a set time to pick up my child?

No but all tamariki MUST be picked up by 5:45pm. Please note, late fees apply after this time.

How much notice do i need to give if my child isn't attending?

After-school absences must be notified by text (027 610 0563) no later than 2.30pm on the day of the absence. Holiday programme absences must be notified no later than 9am on the day of the absence. Please, do not email absences.

What does OSCAR stands for?

Out of School Care And Recreation :)

But in our eyes it is more Opportunities, Safety, Creativity, Aroha and Respect!

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